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 How to do a safe trade and help with trading. MUST READ BEFORE TRADING!

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PostSubject: How to do a safe trade and help with trading. MUST READ BEFORE TRADING!   Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:54 pm

To trade, you must first read the WF rules. PM "Admin" if you need any help finding them

Here is a guide to help you get started!

1.) go to the "haves and wants discussion" section and make a new topic
2.) write in it all the stuff you are willing to trade and all the stuff you would like to get
3.) discuss with other people a trade that you are both happy with
4.) PM "admin" asking if it is a fair trade
5.) once admin has approved that it is a fair trade, go to the "ready to trade" section
6.) make a new topic and have the title of your topic include the person's WF username who you will be trading with, and your WF username
7.) write in it what you will be trading (example at bottom)
8.) have the other person post in that topic also and have them agree that you will be trading that
9.) admin will PM you saying that your ready to trade
10.) admin will add you both on webkinz
11.) you both send your items to admin (admin's webkinz username is not admin. admin will PM it to you when you trade
12.) if 1 person doesn't send their stuff, they will be banned immediately and the mod or admin will send the other person's stuff back
13.) if all goes as planned, and both members send their stuff to the mod or admin, the mod or admin will send the stuff to the correct people to
complete the trade

NOTE: we may change it so that you can do open trades also. Please see the thread in "Pollz for you" if we get enough votes, we may do that

here is an example of the thread you might have in the "haves and wants discussion":

I have these items that I am willing to trade:

jelly bean tree
ice cream tree

Pet items
pink poodle
tye die frog


totem pole
cash cow trophy
trading cards series 1 clock


ok, you get the point

here is an example or the topic you will make in "ready to trade":

title: blahblahblah50 trading blahblahblah20

post: blahblahblah50 and I, blahblahblah20 will be trading:

blahblahblah50: cow pet item
blahblahblah20: ice cream tree

And that is how trading works on WF

have fun!!! Smile
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How to do a safe trade and help with trading. MUST READ BEFORE TRADING!
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